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Special Considerations

You might have noticed that many CSS properties have a dash in their name (such as background-color). The dash, as you may know, isn't a valid character for identifiers in most scripting languages. To get around this little problem, continue to use the dashed name when specifying the CSS attribute in HTML or in a style sheet, but when accessing the attribute as a script property, remove the dash, and capitalize the next letter. For example:

background-color becomes backgroundColor

border-left becomes borderLeft

margin-bottom becomes marginBottom

The CSS attribute names specified in the HTML or style sheet are listed in the CSS Attributes section of the SDK. The corresponding scriptable properties are listed as properties of the style object in the Objects section of the SDK.

Also notice that while any CSS property can be set at any time, the current settings on the STYLE element will only reflect its inline styles, and not any inherited styles that are defined in a global style sheet with a STYLE or LINK tag. The following example shows what happens when a style is defined both globally and inline.

.class1 {font-family: arial}
<div id=SetByClass class=Class1>Set By Class</div>
<div style="font-family: arial">
      <div id=Inherited>Inherited</div>
<div id=DirectlySet style="font-family: arial">Directly Set</div>
<div id=SetWithScript>Set with Script</div>
      SetWithScript.style.fontFamily = "arial";
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