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The function fmt helps you to format a string in VBScript as you do in C.

In C, if you write:

printf( "this is %s number %d", "test", 1 );

then you would use the function fmt in VBScript like this:

dim str
str = fmt( "this is %x number %x", Array("test", 1) )

The complete function looks like this:

' works like the printf-function in C.
' takes a string with format characters and an array
' to expand.
' the format characters are always "%x", independ of the
' type.
' usage example:
'    dim str
'    str = fmt( "hello, Mr. %x, today's date is %x.", Array("Miller",Date) )
'    response.Write str
function fmt( str, args )
    dim res        ' the result string.
    res = ""

    dim pos        ' the current position in the args array.
    pos = 0

    dim i
    for i = 1 to Len(str)
        ' found a fmt char.
        if Mid(str,i,1)="%" then
            if i<Len(str) then
                ' normal percent.
                if Mid(str,i+1,1)="%" then
                    res = res & "%"
                    i = i + 1

                ' expand from array.
                elseif Mid(str,i+1,1)="x" then
                    res = res & CStr(args(pos))
                    pos = pos+1
                    i = i + 1
                end if
            end if

        ' found a normal char.
            res = res & Mid(str,i,1)
        end if

    fmt = res
end function
The format character is always %x, independent of the actual type, since VBScript has no direct types like integer or string.

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