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外刊内容:The Delphi Magazine Issue 104, April 2004

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  • News
    Keep up with all that’s new in the world of Delphi and Kylix development.

  • Relaying Denied...
    Hadi Hariri develops a portable SMTP server using Indy, to allow you to send mail from wherever you happen to be!

  • Using The Strategy And Template Method Patterns
    Jim Cooper explains what the strategy and template method design patterns are all about and demonstrates how to use them in anger.

  • Under Construction: MDA And Enterprise Core Objects
    Bob Swart explains MDA, which stands for Model Driven Applications, and how we can use the Architect edition of Delphi 8 for .NET to put MDA into action with Enterprise Core Objects (ECO).

  • Remoting With Delphi, Part 1
    Microsoft’s .NET has been designed from the ground up with distributed computing in mind. Most people think first of web services when distributed computing comes to mind, but there is another gem in the toolbox: remoting. In this first article of a two-part series, Hart Kerbel gets us going with the basics of using Delphi for .NET remoting.

  • Test-Driven Development Using Delphi 8
    Craig Murphy explains how test-driven development works, and why he believes that it is such an important skill to add to our portfolio. He uses Delphi 8 for .NET and a .NET testing framework known as csUnit to demonstrate test-driven development in action.

  • The Elements Of Delphi Style
    Sascha Frick discusses the elements of Delphi style: a series of best practices that can help to improve the quality of your Delphi source code. Topics covered include common Delphi idioms and simple coding guidelines, as well as source code documentation using Doxygen to automatically generate complete JavaDoc-style documentation.

  • Review: ModelMaker Code Explorer 2.0
    Dave Jewell puts this powerful navigational and code reuse toolkit through its paces and finds joy in his work at last as the pain of the Delphi IDE’s Code Explorer is finally banished for ever...

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