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1、HMP资料 :http://www.intel.com/network/csp/products/8160web.htm
4、HMP Download URL:http://www.intel.com/network/csp/products/hmp/8399web.htm

System Release Software Download URL:http://www.intel.com/network/csp/products/indx_aet.htm

Right click on one of the following links and select "save target as..."
Release 1.1
Release 1.0
Save the license file to the "data" directory on the computer where you installed your copy of the HMP software. The default directory is C:/Program Files/Dialogic/data.
Caution: Do not modify the license file in any way.

If the HMP License Manager GUI is not open on your screen, access it via
Start > Programs > Intel HMP 1.1 > HMP License Manager for Release 1.1
Start > Programs > Intel HMP 1.0 > HMP License Manager for Release 1.0

On the main License Manager screen, enter the name of the license file that you have just saved. You can use the Browse button to browse for the file.

Click on the "Show License Details" button to validate the license file and to see the details of the license.

If you are satisfied with the license details as shown, click the "Activate License" button.




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