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  • cactus.jar: the main jar, contains the framework classes. You can find this jar in [cactus root]/lib.
  • cactus-ant.jar: a jar which contains some custom Ant tasks to help integrate easily with Ant. This is only needed if you wish to use Ant for automating the execution of Cactus tests. You also find this jar in [cactus root]/lib.
  • httpclient.jar: Cactus is relying on the Jakarta Commons HttpClient framework for Cookie handling.
  • junit.jar: Cactus extends JUnit and thus needs the JUnit jar.
  • aspectjrt.jar: Cactus uses AspectJ for performing several tasks (logging entries and exit of methods, checking configuration, etc).
  • commons-logging.jar: Cactus uses the Jakarta Commons Logging facade framework to provide seamless Cactus logging using any existing Logging framework (Log4j, LogKit, JDK 1.4 Logging, etc). It is also needed for Commons HttpClient.
  • servletapi.jar: Required for compiling the Servlet sample. Ideally we should be bundling the J2EE jar (which is required for compiling the EJB sample). However the Sun license does not allow us to redistribute it so you'll need to download it by yourself (see the Sample howto page.
  • httpunit.jar: Cactus uses the HttpUnit framework to perform complex assertions of returned responses. Cactus also bundles a default web response object but the HttpUnit one should be preffered for complex assertions.
  • nekohtml.jar: Required by HttpUnit.

二、Cactus 使用
 Cactus plugin for Eclipse Not Available,但是可以利用JUnit插件继承JUnit框架继续测试。

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