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Tuning WebLogic JRockit 8.1 JVM

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Tuning WebLogic JRockit JVM is accomplished by using non-standard—or -X—command line options that you enter at startup. -X options are exclusive to WebLogic JRockit JVM.

1. Setting Heap Size Parameters
-Xms sets the initial size of the heap. For this, we recommend that you set it to the same size as the maximum heap size
-Xmx sets the maximum size of the heap. On IA32 the maximum possible heap size is about 1.8 GB (which is the largest contiguous address space the O/S will give a process). Usually set maximum heap size no more than 75% of the available physical memory
Note: To avoid fragmentation or paging, you should override the default and manually set -Xmx to 75% of the available physical memory, up to 1.8 GB.
-Xns sets the size of the young generation (nursery) in generational concurrent and generational copying garbage collectors (these are the only collectors that use nurseries).
Note: The maximum size of a nursery may not exceed 25% of the total heap size if you're using gencon and 15% of the total heap size if you're using gencopy.

2. Defining When a Memory Space will be Cleared
-Xcleartype defines when the memory space occupied by an object that has been garbage collected will be cleared.
If the clear type is not set, the default is alloc on IA32 systems and gc on IA64 systems.
Note: The option alloc is currently not available on IA64 systems.

3. Setting the Type of Thread Allocation
-Xallocationtype sets the type of thread allocation
Note: If the allocation type (-Xallocationtype) is not set, the default is global for the generational copying (gencopy) garbage collector and local for all others (singlecon, gencon, and parallel).

4. Setting the Thread Stack Size
-Xss<size>[k|K] [m|M] sets the thread stack size in kilobytes.

5. Memory Requirements and Garbage Collection Types

Addendum - Basic Tuning Tips and Techniques
Find the Bottleneck Methods:
Use the Intel VTune profiling tool with JRockit to analyze performance.
Use the Java Virtual Machine Profiling Interface (JVMPI) by setting the option -Xjvmpi:allocs=off,monitors=off,entryexit=off.


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