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       Hi,this is lvl,i graduate from zhengzhou university and major in Computer Science Engineering.During my college life,i have earned straight good grades in many classes and strongly cultivated capacities for self-studying and analysis.At one time,with the diligence and interest on english learning,i have got CET-6 certificate and meanwhile served as the form moderators (that is the webmaster) among Programmer English Form of CSDN and the English Community of Oracle China.Also with dense interests on Microsoft techniques,with proactive devotement into the technical community concerning help to solve technique problems,i was so honoured to be awarded with the MS Asia Community Star title of Microsoft in MS Sqlserver and MS Windows Server forms.
      After got my bachelor degree i were fortunately accepted as a member of Quanta and endowed with the responsibilities of taking part in the research and maintenance on MIS system and other relative software systems. With nearly one years' working experiences in the software development area I have set up good coding experiences of system development,implement and maintenance. And more importantly to me ,i have mastered profound knowledge of operational flows on electronic data interchange ,sales distribution ,material management, warehouse transportation and the skills of coordinating, trouble shooting, complicated issues & emergency handling and so on.
     As a person with self-motivation and aspirant,no matter what had happened to me ,i would strive myself for excellence and perfection.Although the road is often paved with mistakes,those mistakes or miss-steps,would never sway my confidence,even more i would welcome much more pressed challenges with my open arms.In pursuit of the vision,in fact,i think the journey itself,that will most enjoyable and rewarding.and i believe if i could try my best to stick to it and finally one day my dreams would come true.
     I'd like to share my learning techniques and living sentiments with you ,and you can reach me at my private mail address
geneartionlvl@hotmail.com,and i will be very glad to receive your letters and be your friends. Please feel free to contact me. With many thanks.
  Sincerely yours,
  lvltt     2004.06
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