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Mircosoft .cn newsgroups and MVPs

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.cn newsgroups

Many of you will 'hate' me after you read this post. Well, I think I have to right to voice out my concern and feeling about .cn newsgroups. If I’m not wrong, .cn groups started way back August 2002. It's 2004 March now. So it's been a while. As happy as I was back then to see Chinese newsgroups in ms server, and as sad I'm now to see how it become today.

I've been busy.. well ! who is not busy in this world, right ?
but I still manage to have little to time for newsgroups these recent months... overall grade: FAIL. I still remember back then, we have many 'good' ppl ! or those err so called 'mvp'. Not sure if they still awarded by now... you name it we got it. we have ppl answering post 24*7... where r those ppl now ? don't get personal with this blog. I'm just expressing my feeling about the china communities - especially in NNTP newsgroups. The rest like csdn and etc, I have no idea. coz I don't hang out there. and I'm sure if you are not what I said, you should be happy that I bring out this topic and not you.

Many mvp 'disappear' after they got rewarded   well, mission accomplished ! so why stay ! well. maybe you move on with life and have been busy.. so you 'fall out' from the group. understandable ! but from my observation for 2 damn years. I think 'we' are not ! we just... or should I say - you guys.. just run away....  I'm sure MS have lot of statistic recording user posting.. still remember the old 'top 10' posting in ms/community site....  there was one time. I see user's posting just for the sake of getting higher position... the 'point' system also encouraging junk post...

I've been in both english and chinese groups for year. Look at ENGLISH group ! look at those mvp and user... and LOOK at .cn groups.. put it in a bad way - heaven and hell   sorry, Grace! this is not your part.. you did well. It's the user that we need to educate.

For now.. you will see 'new batch' of hardworking user.. working so damn hard to answer thousand of post each day.. some is even 24*7 if you ask me. well. for what u ask me ? well.. err first community star ! then mvp..... then missing.. then new ppl come in.. then cycle repeat again..... and again.

if you go to netscan @ microsoft research site.. look at the .cn traffic ! increase tremendous everyday ! and look at the content.. 80% crap ! well, as forum admin I felt helpless as well. coz no point keep on deleting... it just too many. and for those new batch of ppl, they will just answer the post even it's already answered !
For example:
a) i have see active poster answering the same question over and over again.
b) some user just simply say 'reinstall the product or OS'
c) some even give wrong answer !  believe me if you like me .. reading news everyday, you will get sick soon.
   say now - iis 500 err. an user reply - your machine problem... format it'
   damn ! and what the hell is that !  
   if you don't know the answer.. just shut up ! and read and learn
d) active poster always repeat the answer. if it's answer.. just shut up ! and wait of OP to reply the thread.
   i have seen 1 simple question with 10 same anwsers !!! why they do this ?  err. for point and mvp or whatever..
e) junk / flame post ! everyone get excited and keep on posting crap....
f) multipost / crosspost ! .cn groups has the most crosspost message that I ever seen in ms news server. and the best part is everyone like to be part of it !!!!! and most of question were so lame or non related at all. and I have seen so many personal attacks. it is so shame if you ask me how i feel about it.

well, this post is not that organize in a way.. coz I'm just letting it all out. initialy i have subscribe to all .cn groups.. but because of all these crap.. I think I have err 6 or 7 now. And some active posters are so full of themselves, I felt that it just not right. You participate in newsgroups because you want to learn new things and share your knowledge. of coz at the same time if you can pickup nice award.. why not ! but be humble ! be nice.. be like a professional ! or should I said be an adult !

arrrghhhhh.. what else ? when you are not calm.. you tend to forget what you wanted to say  .. so anyway, I think .cn newsgroups has it position now.. and many users are aware of it. we should deal with the 'quality' now ! before we are known ! we look for 'quantity'.. after that we should look at how well we have done it..  I would like to suggest drop the point and rating system.... what's the point ! there's no point of having points if every user are posting crap just to get the point !
and then ... do a internal clean up and kill those ghost 'mvp'...

You can hate me as much as you may like. I'm just doing my part here, that's how we shape our future for a better tomorrow.

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