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My Thinking Way!

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Once I counter a question, the first thought in my mind is which is the simplest and most easy way to solution. So I often post on many technical forums (because I am not good at communicating with other people) in order to get the best solution. Not until recently I begin to think questions independently. That is me, that is my tought way. But in my mind, nothing is more beautiful than reasoning and logos. I like math, because math is the best rational behavior in the cosmos and I admire logos. Maybe there are few logos in my mind and I want those things which I am not ownered; Maybe that is the natural of human.

Now, there is a alternate. My thinking way trend to search the answer through the simplest and most easy way. That is a natural trendence, hard to control. But I advocate rational mind. Once I do many thing for its, however, maybe methods and attritude is not appropriate, there are few effect.

I am to 22 years old. one third of my life has been consumed. I must make a clearly direction or I will like a non-header fly and deplete my life rapidly. Recently I recognized my naturality and my advocation. Am I forward implicitly along my naturality or explicitly adjusted to my advocation?

I decided adjusted my naturalist to my advocation. Because as Frued says the naturalist of human is evil.

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