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ZoneAlarm 5.1.033

发表于2004/10/30 8:08:00  837人阅读

ZoneAlarm 5.1.033


Publisher: ZoneLabs
Date added: September 30, 2004
License: Free
Minimum requirements: Windows 98/NT/2000/XP
Uninstaller included?: Yes
Limitations: Individual use only

ZoneAlarm is designed to protect your DSL- or cable-connected PC from hackers. This program includes four interlocking security services: a firewall, an application control, an Internet lock, and Zones. The firewall controls the door to your computer and allows only traffic you understand and initiate. The application control allows you to decide which applications can and cannot use the Internet. The Internet lock blocks Internet traffic while your computer is unattended or while you're not using the Internet, and it can be activated automatically with your computer's screensaver or after a set period of inactivity. Zones monitor all activity on your computer and alert you when a new application attempts to access the Internet. ZoneAlarm 5.1 has further hardened security to keep users and their valuable personal information safe, even against targeted attacks.
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