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Is work ruining your diet?

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Five ways to practice healthful eating from 9 to 5.

If your workplace is like many across the country, it's booby-trapped with junk-food land mines, from morning-meeting pastries to the come-hither candy bars in the vending machines. The average office worker can easily consume up to 3,000 calories -- 1,400 more than the recommended daily calorie intake for women -- during a typical 9-to-5 shift by succumbing to these temptations, says nutritionist Janine Whiteson, author of "Get a Real Food Life." But quitting your job isn't the answer. "You just need to prepare for daily roadblocks," says Tammy Baker, a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. Here's how to avoid six top office nutrition obstacles.

Obstacle # 1: Morning-meeting munchies
Solution: Eat a healthful breakfast before coming into work -- you'll be less vulnerable to high-calorie, high-fat treats like donuts and muffins. Not hungry when you first wake up? "Bring a banana, cereal bar or yogurt to nibble on when you get there," suggests Whiteson. "And allow yourself a small portion of one goody, so you won't feel depressed and deprived and go an eating binge later." Eat your snack during the meeting, not back in your office, where you're more likely to gobble quickly or overeat, since no one is looking.

Obstacle # 2: The working lunch
Enjoy a healthful lunch away from your desk -- this goes even for workaholics. Eating while reading e-mail or doing paperwork means you're not focusing on the taste and texture of the food, let alone how much you're consuming. Consequently, you're likely to feel less satisfied and miss the cues that you're full. Baker recommends grabbing some co-workers and dining in a well-lit conference room; two recent university studies found that people consume more calories in dim lighting. One last lunch pointer: Instead of filling up at one sitting, eat half a sandwich and a piece of fruit at noon, then the other half of the sandwich and some nuts or fruit at 3 or 4 -- this will help ward off afternoon cravings and junk-food breakdowns.

Obstacle # 3: Candy dishes
Solution: Don't place sweets within arm's reach. A recent study from the University of Illinois found that office workers who had candy on their desk ate an average of 2.9 more pieces per day than those who stored candy in their desk drawer, and 5.6 more pieces than those who kept their candy stash on a shelf across the room. Another tip: Fill your dish with low-cal or sugar-free candies or at least sweets that take longer to eat, such as Jolly Ranchers (as opposed to M and M's). Better yet, keep some veggie sticks in your work space, along with a picture of yourself at your thinnest, suggests Whiteson.

Obstacle # 4: The vending machine
Request that your office stock your vending machine with some healthful options, such as pretzels or raisins, suggests Baker. Sway your supervisors by telling them about a report that appeared in the American Journal of Health Behavior in 2002 -- it found that the average medical cost for normal-weight employees is $114 a year, versus $513 for overweight staffers and $620 for obese workers. If you're still having trouble resisting an unhealthful snack, post its nutritional rundown at your desk, along with the exercise it will require to burn off the calories. Staring down a Post-it that reads "Snickers, 273 calories, 14 grams of fat, one hour of walking on the treadmill" can be a powerful deterrent.

Obstacle # 5: Company celebrations
Set an eating limit for yourself, such as one small piece of cake, before walking into a co-worker's birthday bash or baby shower, advises Whiteson. Also, try to splurge at afternoon parties rather than morning festivities. "Eating a lot of sugar at a breakfast party will set you up for blood-sugar highs and lows during the day, which means you'll probably crave more sweets throughout the day," says Whiteson. Also, it's easier to resist temptation if you're drinking plenty of water.

Obstacle # 6: Sitting at your desk all day
Gregory Florez, a spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise, suggests moving around every 90 minutes or so to burn off some calories. Being active at work is as simple as getting up off your chair while you're on the phone (standing burns 30% more calories than sitting), using a remote printer, or walking over to your co-worker's desk to talk to her instead of sending an e-mail. Do a few lunges or calf raises while waiting for the copier or fax machine. Another healthy alternative is finding a colleague to walk with at lunchtime. Or propose an on-site fitness class, which many workplaces are happy to arrange and pay for.

1.practice (n)使...成为习惯,习惯于,例行公事;操练;实行,实习 [文中取第一个意思]
2.from 9 to 5 朝九晚五,八小时工作 在中国都是from9to6 是不是剥削??
3.across the country 跨国公司[在这种大公司通常都有休息室和餐饮部,里面有各种随取的小吃、快餐,文中的意思是这些食品是增肥的陷阱]
patsry 酥皮点心;或指点心的酥皮
donut 面包圈
muffin 松饼
Jolly Ranchers 一种糖果[棒棒糖]
M and M's 巧克力豆
cereal bar 米糕,脆米棒[谷类制作,热量低]
veggie sticks 素食棒,蔬菜棒
pretzel 一种脆饼干
raisin 葡萄干
snicker 巧克力棒
5.hither 这里 thither 那里 hither and thither 到处 come-hither 诱人的,吸引人的
6.vending machine 自动贩卖机
7.intake 吸入量;入口
8.calorie 卡路里 热量计算单位 快餐的热量通常很高
9.succumb to 屈服于,服从于
10.roadblock = obstacle 障碍物
11.vulnerable 易于受到...的攻击,有...的弱点 这里指容易受到快餐的诱惑
12.nibble 轻咬,一点点咬,这里指细嚼慢咽
13.goody 好呀;糖果 [这里为后者]
14.binge 狂饮,狂欢;这里指大吃大喝
15.gobble 意同14
16.workaholic 工作第一的人
17.leave alone 不管,let alone;regardless;in spite of
18.cue 暗示 这里指在办公桌旁吃饭,边吃边做,会对事物的口味和结构不注意,而且没有感觉到吃饱吃好,而摄取更多的热量。
19.well-lit 灯光通明,lit = light
20.ward off 避开,挡开
21.stash 储藏,隐藏
22.sway 摇晃,摇摆;影响,动摇
23.obese 肥胖,肥大
24.rundown 纲要
25.gram 克
26.deterrent 威慑
27.bash 盛会,狂欢(美);怒欧,猛打
28.splurge 卖弄,挥霍
29.calf 小牛;小腿
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