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现在就可下载WTL 7.0和.NET SP1

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WTL 7.0 and .NET SP1 now available

Two handy updates from Microsoft


Posted by Chris Maunder on 3 Apr 2002.   Source: Microsoft

The long awaited Windows Template Library (WTL) 7.0 for Visual Studio .NET has been released, as well as the .NET Framework SP1.

WTL 7.0 is the latest release of the popular template library and brings support for Visual Studio .NET and XP. Contrary to what the Microsoft says this latest version will run fine on operating systems other than XP.

Attention If you downloaded the file before 3 April 2002 please download again as some last minute corrections have been made. The new file will have the date '3 April 2002'. (thanks to Tim Smith for the heads up).

Download WTL 7.0 here (425Kb)

The .NET update fixes the following four issues:

  • .NET Framework Change in Default Machine Level Security Policy
  • COM Interop Marshaler Incorrectly Matches Types Between Assemblies
  • Type Library Importer (Tlbimp.exe) Fails to Parse Certain Type Libraries
  • Loader Does Not Check the Accessibility of Interfaces Implemented by a Type

No changes to the API or updated functionality has been included in the service pack.


Download .NET SP1 here (1.13Mb).

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