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Vanguard Online Qalian Lore Overview about People

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This is Qalian Lore about people overview in Vanguard online. After you read that, hoping you will get help from that. Just enjoy that...


is the son of a merchant who has resided in Khal for seven years. He is originally from Ahgram, but moved with his father to further allow their business to prosper. In the story of Idara he and his father travel back to Ahgram to attend the funeral of a close family friend, Zulran. Here Tanir reconnects with his childhood friend, Idara. He is struck by her beauty and falls in love with her. He proposes marriage but she refuses.


was a linen merchant in the city of Ahgram. His business began to fail when he decided he wanted more. He began to have spices smuggled into the city to undercut the prices of the Zephyr Trading Company, who currently cornered the market for spices. Zulran was discovered and his store was raided. His spices were confiscated and he was taxed heavily by the Ahgram government. He was unable to pay the high taxes and his linen business failed. In the story of Idara he dies and leaves his daughter, Idara, to sort out his financial debt from his failed business.


is the daughter of a linen merchant, Zulran, and resides in Ahgram. When her father dies she is left to settle his financial debt. During the story of Idara she falls in love with her visiting childhood friend, Tanir. She turns down his marriage proposal so that she can fight the corrupt government of Ahgram that is persecuting some of its people.


is a debt collector. In the story of Idara he is sent to Idara’s house to settle her deceased father’s debt. He shows no compassion for Idara or her situation. He cares only for collecting the debt.


is a spice merchant in the lore Idara. He owns the Zephyr Trading Company, which currently corners the spice market.


is a sailor from Khal. He is slow to anger and a gentle soul, which gained him the nickname Dove by his grandmother. In the story of Gray Dove we learn that he makes a living by delivering small cargos from Khal to small fishing communities at the northern coast of Qalia. Harqad owns his own small vessel which he calls “The Gray Dove”.


is the harbormaster of Khal in the story Gray Dove. He is a friend to sailor Harqad. Jalel dislikes Qaraf because a joint venture with him cost him his boat and some money.

is an untrustworthy businessman from Ahgram. In the story of Gray Dove he looses his license and has to marry Fatis’s widow in order to fund his new venture, Fatis Trading.


Mazhar Mateen
is an elderly scholar that lives in the Ahgram Library. In the story of Mateen’s Histories he teaches a young boy, Erol, about the history Ahgram.


is a young boy from the story Mateen’s Histories. In this story he is taught about the history of Ahgram from an elderly scholar, Mazhar Mateen.


Shidreth Ahgramun
was the ruler of the Qaliathari Empire. In the lore Mateen’s Histories we learned he was slain by a vizier named Jathred Shazarethen.


Jathred Shazarathen
is a vizier from the story of Mateen’s Histories. In this story he planned to take control of the Qaliathari Empire after he killed its current ruler, Shidreth Ahgramun. He was followed by a powerful sorcerer, Khelium Ak’Zel, and the lower class. After the civil war erupted he was put to death for betrayal.


Khelium Ak’Zel
is a powerful sorcerer from the lore Mateen’s Histories. He plotted with Jathred Shazarathen to take control of the Qaliathari Empire after the current ruler, Shidreth Ahgramun, was slain.


Fassethi Ahgramun
is the eldest son of Shidreth Ahgramun. In the lore of Mateen’s Histories he took control of the Qaliathari Empire after his father was slain. As his first act he renamed it to the Ahgramun Empire. He also constructed the capitol city of Ahgram and rebuilt the city’s imperial army. Fassethi used this army to drive back the beasts that began to invade the land.


Bahman Fendir
was a Mordebi from the lore Mateen’s Histories. He became the chief of his small tribe after a group of Qaliathari invaders killed his father and three of his uncles. During this raid he lost his left hand and vowed to seek revenge. For several months he and his clan wiped out wandering raid parties. Finally, after killing off the Qaliathari warriors they invaded the city and slaughtered everyone except a young boy. After seeing himself in this young boy he made his new goal to unify the small clans. Bahman established a permanent settlement in the ruins of the old Qaliathari capitol and named it Ahgram.


Nelon Issan
is an alchemist living in Ahgram. In the lore Tonic his laboratory is ransacked and one very important formula is stolen. Frustrated by the city’s guards inability to understand how desperately he needed this back he hired two trackers to aid him.


Joley Poral
is a Gnome who specializes in tracking. In Tonic she is hired by Nelon Issan to find his missing formula.


Rold Dakavstan
is a Gnome who specializes in tracking. In Tonic he is hired by Nelon Issan to find his missing formula.


are a small race of people with sharp minds and upbeat attitudes. They are distrustful of all the other races, making relations sometimes difficult. Gnomes are mentioned in Idara and Gray Dove.


are the dominant race on the continent of Qalia. Though they had to raise themselves up from the harsh sands of the Qarath Desert, they have built many fine monuments to their culture. Like most humans, the Qaliathari have a wide array of talents. Qaliathari are mentioned in Mateen’s Histories.


are swift as the wind and as dangerous as a sandstorm, the Mordebi find their strength now in adaptability and nomadic ways. They are not above taking advantage of the overly rich and corrupt Qaliathari humans. Mordebi are mentioned in Mateen’s Histories.


Ahgram Council
is a group of Ahgram officials who decide legal matters of the city. In the lore Idara, Zulran petitions the Council after his storehouses are raided and he is taxed for smuggling.


Ahgramun’s Sons
banded together in the lore Mateen’s Histories to avenge their father’s, Shidreth Ahgramun, death. They were backed by many of the Qaliathari Empire’s nobles and had legitimate claim to the throne.


A Third Faction
arose in support of the sorcerer Khelium Ak’Zel in the lore Mateen’s Histories. They believed only the most intelligent should be entrusted to lead the Qaliathari Empire.


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