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RF Online Cora Background Story

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This is about background story of Cora. Hoping that is helpful for the RF online players.


Decem has created the world to turn oblivion into beauty, and the Corites to enforce his will. Knowing they are the chosen race, Corites have organized their society accordingly to their faith in their god. Everything they do in “This Life” is to ascend to a high station or being, gaining them a closer relationship with their god. It is evident that those who do enforce His will are granted more powers, abilities and become stronger in the use of the Darkling Force, the most precious gift Decem has made to His children.


Decem states that Corites must not harm the planet or any planets they inhabit, that they must insure its well being and take care of it, for harming the planet would be harming Decem himself. Corites are permitted only to use the resources they need to expand and move on to help fulfill the will of Decem. They do all things within nature, heightening it in its vast beauty. The Corites refine metals with the Darkling Force, combining alloys without causing pollution to create their items and weapons. All of their items are technologies empowered by the Darkling force.


Corite clothing and armours are made from nothing but natural materials, the clothing they wear is loose and allows for a lot of flexibility. It is the Corites’ belief that their bodies are a shrine to Decem, for he created them. Corites hold beauty with a lot of value, and take care of their bodies and hygene extremely well. They love and respect their bodies as to act in perfect unison within Decem.

All foods and consumables eaten by the Corites must be blessed by Decem before they eat them. In accordance with their beliefs, all the food they ingest is to be completely natural wholesome foods grown specifically by the Corites for the purpose of eating, using only natural means to create the sustenance which they require to survive.

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