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Knight Online Game Abbreviations

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Here is the Knight online Game Abbreviations, that i sort out. I post here and want to help the Knight players.


Game Vocabulary

NPC Non Playing Character
STR Strength
INT Intelligence
DEX Dexterity
HP Health Points
MP Mana Points
CSW Castle Siege War
LW Lunar War
DLW Dark Lunar War
GM Game master
PK people kill
CZ Colony Zone
Rezzer Priest that can resurrect people
slm "hi" in Turkish (short for Selam)
farm to mass kill a certain monster for money or items
noob A new player
chicken New player who is currently on the beginners quest
Mule/Bank Character that is used to hold valuable items
Leech/Leecher to gain experience from the party while doing nothing
exp or xp experience
tnl to next level
++++ buff
<<<< or >>>> swift

Chat Related Lingo

gn good night
bb bye bye
afk away from keyboard
brb be right back
lol laughing out loud
rofl rolling on the floor laughing
omg oh my goodness
wb welcome back

Monsters and Bosses

DT Dragon Tooth (Boss)
TK Troll King (Boss)
DF Deruvish Founder (Boss)
HQ Harpy Queen
BC Bone Collector
deru Deruvish
apos Apostle
DM Dark Mare
FA Fallen Angel
DTS Dragon Tooth Skeleton
AK Ash Knight
DK Death Knight


Item Abbreviations

ROC ring of courage
ROM Ring of Magic
ROL Ring of Life
PP priest pendant
WP Warrior pendant
EP elemental pendant
WE Warrior Earring
RE rouge earring
ME Mage earring
CE Cleric earring
EME Elf metal earring
BoS belt of strength
IB Iron belt - iron bow
BoL belt of life
EN elemental necklace
IN intelligence necklace - Iron necklace (?)
AoD ammulet of Dexterity
BoD Belt of Dexterity
Ixb Iron crossbow
HXB horn crossbow
Helenid helenid crossbow
CB chitin bow
CS chitin shield
SS scorpion shield - scorpion scythe (typically for shield)
DOTL defender of the lord
SB skeleton belt - swordbreaker
TS totamic spear - transformation scroll
DS deepscar
DV darkvane
Giga gigantic axe (1 or 2 handed)
personal weapon/shield = level 70 quest items
sally salamander staff
unique unique item from boss
AoG Amulet of Goddess
AoC Amulet of Curse
DTH dragon tooth hammer
sexy 0stealth0




PL = Party Leader

CL = Clan leader

Assist/assit = Clan assistant leader

full = the party is full

lvl diff = the persons lvl is too high/low to party you

Some people refer to Elmorad as Piana (it's old name)

KE = The old Knight Empire patch

RoFD = the new reign of the fire drake patch

CS = Customer support and sometimes is used for Chitin Shield

aggro = a monster that attacks when you get close to it

orc = karus

human = Elmoradian

1337 = leet = Elite = good

Shell = 6th tier armour

ele = elemental

dmg = attack damage

build = where your attribute and skill points have been spent

spawn = where a monster spawns

vent = ventrilo

TS = Team speak


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