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Hero Online Guide for Jobs at lvl 10

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This guide is just for the Hero online players whose job is at lvl 10. Maybe they can learn some useful knowledge from this guide.


Their are now 5 char. you can choose from at the beginning of the game. The newest char. is Muse which is somewhat overpowered which is good lol. Then there is the The Elegant Mystic , Ruthless Blade, Overseer, And The Piercing Eyes.In this Guide I will talk about the best Builds and best noob jobs for each of these Char.


Ruthless Blade
The Best build - Dex/ Int, Str/Int, Str/Dex
Best Jobs- This person is described to be a Hunter but it could anything. I would suggest Warrior because as of right now it is the best job in the game.


Best Build- Str/ Int, Str/ Dex
Best Jobs- By far this is a warrior. He is described as a warrior and pretty much the best warrior in game. ( Other then muse and her overpowered Pent.)


Elegant Mystic
Best Build- Str/ Int, Str/ Dex, Pure Dex( Use as alt. for lvlin Mounts)
Best Job- This lady is described to be a physician but she could be anything. For this one I am actually going to say go Physician on this one for the simple fact as they can heal people and good for partying up with people. This is also a job for people who love to talk n play with people.


The Piercing Eyes
Best Build- Str/Int, Str/Dex, Dex/Int
Best Job- This chick is described to be an assasian and best build to be an sin. She could be anything though but i would say either Sin, ot Warrior.


Best Build- Str/Int, Str/Dex, Dex/ Int, Pure Int
Best Job- This is a lady which can be anything she wanted to be the skys the limit. She is good as all the jobs but i would say go by the build. Str/Int Go Warrior, Physician, Sin, and Hunter. Dex/Int Go either Sin, Hunter, or Physician. Str/ Dex Go warrior or sin. Pure Int go hunter, sin or physician.


And this is all you need to know until you get to lvl 50 and by then i should have another guide or you can look at others. Plz and or ask questions when needed. I hope this guide does good for you. And remember have fun. For We R HerOs.


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