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Codemasters Have Released Damnation trailer!

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Codemasters, a developer and worldwide publisher of entertainment software appealing to all ages and interests. The Archlord is their product. Recently, Codemasters announced that they had released the first trailer for Damnation. Details is as below:


Today, we’ve released the first trailer for Damnation. The trailer gives an exclusive insight into the game’s dark world, where conflict has raged across America for 40 years. With resources exhausted, a new industrialist army haswept across the country destroying the shattered remnants of the remaining militia and mercilessly crushing the civilian population. You assume the role of a member of the Peacemakers, Rourke, and embark on an epic journey and adventure!


The video showcases the huge scale of the magnificent landscapes in the game, using both FMV and gameplay footage. The stunning open environments provide the backdrop for the frenetic combat, daredevil acrobatics and vehicle based stunts make for exhilarating, fresh and revolutionary gameplay. Engage in slick, high-octane gun battles with PSI troopers, the drug-enhanced regimented footsoliders of PSI ‘s forces and engaged in deadly acrobatic combat against the Revenant, a mysterious being able to leap huge distances wielding its deadly steel blade.


In addition to the single player experience, It’s also going to be an extensive multiplayer game that uses the towering scale of the levels to take multiplayer shooting vertical. For more information, and to catch a glimpse of what the future of gaming has in store, visit the Damnation website.


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