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Adding a JDBC driver to JBuilder

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1.Open JBuilder and choose the Tools|Enterprise Setup.

2.Click the Database Drivers tab in the Enterprise Setup dialog box.

 The Database Drivers tab display .config files for all the currentlydefined database driver.

3.Click Add to add a new driver,then New to create a new library file for the driver. The library file is used to add the driver to the required libraries list for projects.


You can also create a new library under Tools|Configure Libraries,but since you would then have to use Enterprise Setup to derive the .config file,it is simpler to do it all here.

4.Type a name and select a location for the new file in the Create New Library dialog box.

5.Click Add,and browse to the location of the driver. You cna select the directory containing the driver and all it's support files, or you can select just the archive file for the driver. Either will work. JBuilder will extract the information it needs.

6.Click OK to close the file browser. This displays the new library at the bottom of the library list and selects it.

7.Click OK. JBuilder creates a new .library file in the JBuilder /lib directory with the name you specified (for example, InterClient.library). It also returns you to the Database Drivers page which displays the name of the corresponding .config file in the list which will be derived from the library file (for example, InterClient.config).

8.Select the new .config file in the database driver list and click OK. This places the .config file in the JBuilder /lib/ext directory.

9.Close and restart JBuilder so the changes to the database drivers will take effect, and the new driver will be put on the JBuilder classpath

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