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Stress Busters

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Stress busters
By Tim Clauss

As a college freshman at Valparaiso University, facing all the uncertainties of future academic and work life, I had the opportunity to meet with the president emeritus and chancellor. Audiences were rare. Sitting among a small group of nervous peers, we anxiously awaited the arrival of a man revered throughout the school, let alone the country and abroad, for his excellence in achievement and esteemed wisdom.

Dr. O. P. Kretzman arrived in a wheelchair, aging, with failing sight. You could have heard a pin drop. All too soon, the attention turned to us as he asked for questions from the group. Silence. I knew inside what an opportunity this was, so despite my fear, I got up the courage to break the ice and ask my question.

"What advice would you give new freshman as we face all the choices and uncertainties ahead of us?" His reply was simple and strong, "Take one bite out of the apple at a time." No more, no less. A perfect stressbuster for the moment and for all the moments of my life.

Now that I've been in the working world for 20 years, I've added a few more stressbusters to maintain a healthy life. Help yourself!

1. Change your priorities
2. Take stretch breaks
3. Step back and observe
4. Review your purpose
5. Get a massage
6. Leave five minutes earlier
7. See a comedy
8. Let go and let God!
9. Use affirmations
10. Organize your space
11. Share your feelings
12. Smell some flowers
13. Ask for acknowledgment
14. Listen to your intuition
15. Help someone else
16. Rub your feet and hands
17. Visualize positive outcomes
18. Take care of your health
19. Don't judge; bless
20. Work in the garden
21. Create a budget
22. Be empathetic, not overly sensitive
23. Be still and meditate
24. Use time-saving technology
25. Carpool and enjoy the ride
26. Set aside time for planning
27. Count your blessings
28. Don't forget, write it down
29. Simplify, simplify, simplify
30. Talk it out with co-workers
31. Eliminate destructive self-talk
32. Schedule play time
33. Change your environment
34. Go with your natural rhythms
35. Find an easy place to give your gifts
36. Fully express yourself
37. View problems as opportunities
38. Let go of "what ifs"
39. Be clear what's expected of you
40. Ask the experts
41. Do your best and then stop
42. Trust Divine timing and order
43. Develop patience
44. Breathe deeply
45. Take a walk
46. Complete things
47. Take a nap
48. Sing a tune
49. Take a warm bath
50. Talk out your worries
51. Delegate
52. Talk with your mom or dad
53. Say no at times
54. Shift deadlines
55. Follow your passion
56. Tell a joke
57. Play out your fears
58. Drink lots of good water
59. Create a support system
60. Divide up big projects
61. Seek advice
62. Be gentle with yourself
63. Don't "enable" others
64. Pray for openings
65. Tell the truth
66. Get more restful sleep
67. Forgive and move on
68. Prepare food ahead
69. Fix it or get a new one
70. Be prepared to wait
71. Don't always be right
72. Focus on the moment
73. Take a lunch break
74. Read a book
75. Shift your attitude
76. Laugh each day
77. Develop self-esteem
78. Take vitamin supplements
79. Stop the "shoulds"
80. Avoid excess
81. Plan a special outing
82. See through illusions
83. Relax your muscles
84. Slow down and notice
85. Nurture good friends
86. Be in nature
87. Listen to music
88. Limit caffeine and sugar
89. Go on a fast or cleanse
90. Be spontaneous
91. Love your partner
92. Get some fresh air
93. Be pampered
94. Volunteer
95. Join help networks
96. Maintain good posture
97. Respect your limits
98. Exercise routinely
99. Go dancing
100. Sigh occasionally
101. Do yoga
102. Have a good cry
103. Make time for hobbies
104. Limit work time
105. Compromise/cooperate
106. Don't procrastinate
107. Unplug your phone/TV
108. Relax your standards
109. Journal your thoughts
110. Take a vacation
111. Organize your desk
112. Develop flexibility
113. Allow for imperfections
114. Don't overschedule
115. Expose your secrets
116. Build a strong body
117. Nurture your faith
118. Open a savings account
119. Take in the sun
120. Love and be loved
121. Get the facts
122. Work as a team
123. Smile - open your heart
124. Validate yourself
125. Daydream
126. Know God loves you!

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