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SQL Server Monitor v0.5

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I've built a SQL Server Monitor(v0.5) tool based on .Net Framework 1.1, which can be used to monitor and kill sql server processes. However, I don't recommend that you kill blocked processes casually. If you think it's necessary to kill it, please check the detailed information of the blocked process at first.  thanks.

You can download it from the following URL. Thank cnblogs.com for providing web space to upload the installer file. Any feedbacks are welcome.
You can manually edit SQLServerList.config file to add other SQL Server profiles. The sample file list below.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
 <section name="(local)">
  <entry name="Description">Local SQL Server</entry>
  <entry name="Server">(local)</entry>
  <entry name="User ID">sa</entry>
  <entry name="Password"></entry>

The following image is the main windows form.
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