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Another National Day Holiday past...

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The first day:
the second day:&,several classmates(senior high school) play cards for the whole afternoon,they are Eric Lu,Jia Ying,Angel Zhu,Zhang jing,Zhang lizhu,Du Peng,Ju jin,Sun yong.Is there another one?Sorry,I can't remember.We got 280 yuan from the half day's gambling and got our dinner the mean time.It's a quick dinner,no beer,no drunk.After that,six of us go to net bar(, I don't know how to say '网吧',anyone knows ,plz tell me,3x!) and play the Counter-Strike game.To my surprise , we met He qi,Lu jun,Ma yong and Guo yuhui there.Then u can imagine what happened...
the third day:Eric comes aftertoon,we talked a lot , and learned a lot!
the fourth day: My grandmother comes and  my only task is to stay home,watching TV!
the fifth day-the seventh day:I did nothing but watching the 24 hours.It's wonderful if you have the time!

Time flies!
What I should do now is:

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