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[Visual Basic]VB源码推荐:一个操作Ini文件的类

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'--------cIniFile.cls 代码----------------
Option Explicit

'// Private member that holds a reference to
'// the path of our ini file
Private strInI As String

'// Win API Declares
Private Declare Function WritePrivateProfileString _
  Lib "kernel32" Alias "WritePrivateProfileStringA" _
(ByVal lpApplicationName As String, _
  ByVal lpKeyName As Any, _
  ByVal lpString As Any, _
  ByVal lpFileName As String) As Long

Private Declare Function GetPrivateProfileString _
  Lib "kernel32" Alias "GetPrivateProfileStringA" _
(ByVal lpApplicationName As String, _
  ByVal lpKeyName As Any, _
  ByVal lpDefault As String, _
  ByVal lpReturnedString As String, _
  ByVal nSize As Long, _
  ByVal lpFileName As String) As Long

Private Function MakePath(ByVal strDrv As String, _
  ByVal strDir As String) As String

'// Makes an INI file: Guarantees a sub dir
Do While Right$(strDrv, 1) = "/"
   strDrv = Left$(strDrv, Len(strDrv) - 1)

Do While Left$(strDir, 1) = "/"
   strDir = Mid$(strDir, 2)

'// Return the path
MakePath = strDrv & "/" & strDir
End Function

Public Sub CreateIni(strDrv As String, strDir As String)

'// Make a new ini file
strInI = MakePath(strDrv, strDir)
End Sub

Public Sub WriteFile(strSection As String, _
strKey As String, _
strValue As String)

'// Write to strINI
WritePrivateProfileString strSection, _
   strKey, strValue, strInI
End Sub

Public Function GetFile(strSection As String, _
  strKey As String) As String

  Dim strTmp As String
  Dim lngRet As String

  strTmp = String$(100, Chr(32))
  lngRet = GetPrivateProfileString(strSection, _
    strKey, "", strTmp, _
    Len(strTmp), strInI)
  GetFile = strTmp

End Function

Public Property Let INIFile(ByVal New_IniPath As String)

'// Sets the new ini path
strInI = New_IniPath

End Property

Public Property Get INIFile() As String

'// Returns the current ini path
INIFile = strInI

End Property

'--------cIniFile.cls 使用举例----------------

    Dim myIniFile As New cIniFile
    If Len(App.Path) > 3 Then
        'under disk root dir , eg: "C:/"
        myIniFile.INIFile = App.Path & "/setting.ini"
        myIniFile.INIFile = App.Path & "setting.ini"
    End If
    myIniFile.WriteFile "setting", "username", strUser
    '    注意,如果是字符串,则去掉末尾一个字符
    '                              ----flybird@chinaasp.com
    strUser = Trim(myIniFile.GetFile("setting", "username"))
    strUser = Left(strUser, Len(strUser) - 1)

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