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InnoDB 中文参考手册 --- 目录

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InnoDB 中文参考手册 --- 犬犬(心帆)翻译 InnoDB home

InnoDB Engine in MySQL-Max-3.23.56/MySQL-4.0.12

The Up-to-Date Reference Manual of InnoDB

Updated April 21, 2003: Added notes to section 4.3 that a self-referential ON UPDATE CASCADE and SET NULL convert the rule to RESTRICT if the update cycles to update the SAME TABLE
Updated March 27, 2003: Updated section 4.3: starting from MySQL-4.0.13, InnoDB supports DROP FOREIGN KEY
Updated March 18, 2003: MySQL-4.0.12 is released
Updated March 17, 2003: MySQL-3.23.56 is released
Updated February 25, 2003: MySQL-4.0.11 is released; see the changelog from section 16
Updated January 23, 2003: Added a new section 4.5 about InnoDB and MySQL replication
Updated January 7, 2003: MySQL-4.0.8 is released; support for ON UPDATE CASCADE added

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