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Auction is a kind of transaction method of selling merchandise to the persons who can bid the highest price. With popularization of Internet, it brings one anew reform in the field of business relationship. Computer network has opened up the new area for the commercial activity, has offered the new means, and gave more chances for company's business development at the same time. E-commerce becomes the trends of the modern commercial affair. Auction in the Web is a new e-commerce model which the salesroom becomes a website and auctioneer becomes a computer program. The transaction model upgrades efficiency and reduces the transaction cost which can make small sum transaction take place. The thesis expounds how to build an E-Business Auction web site by use of software tools such as ASP, DELPHI and so on. The design keeps to the classic life cycle of software engineering (waterfall model). According to software analysis, software design, software code and software maintenance, the design is divided into nine processes such as define systematic goal, feasibility analysis, demand analysis, outline design, design, software code, software test in detail, software maintain.

  In the web interface of user, we adopt B/S structure. And we adopt C/S to backstage supporter management logic layer that needs data mining. Course of the third of expounding the fact, adopt the structure design method in this text, use data flow chart( DFD), data dictionary, procedure flow chart, etc. tool to clear show upgrade the course. The ones that have guaranteed the system are stalwart, the maintainability, and expandability. The main process is in the three part which descriptions the analysis and design. In that part we use a structured system develop methodology --the structure analysis and structure design. We use a lot of method such as data flow diagram and data dictionary to describe the process of building the system.

  The built web site is a dynamic and interactive CTOC Business Auction website that has functions of auction online, commodities supply and system management.

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