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[Oracle Installation] Install Oracle 8i on AIX 5L

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Dec. 04, 2002

Q:  Install Oracle 8i on AIX 5L

while run "runInstaller" to install oracle 8.1.7 64bit for AIX on AIX 5L platform , it shows the error like " directory /tmp/OraInstall can not access or the size of the directory less than 25M, please ensure the size of this directory or file"

how can i solf this problem???

waitting on line......

My Answer:

Clean your /tmp directory --

this error caused by you installed oracle on same machine before.

drop all /temp/oraInstall directory will be ok.

1. /tmp/oraInstall error is a command error on installation of AIX environment. I remeber on the online documentatiaon installation guide, oracle recommance that min. 25M should be available in /tmp/oraInstall directory.

2. I did install oracle817 on 5L, but what I installed is oracle817 32 bit version - Oracle doesn't certified oracle817 64 bit for 5L environment. I did not meet any problem during installation. I met error when i tried to run database. the error Oracle knew too. You have to shutdown 5L 64 bit option, ask 5L running as 32 bit OS environment.

I wish above info will help you work out your issues.


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