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Local/Dictionary Managed DB info

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Local/Dictionary Managed DB info




Paul/ Vince/ Brendan,
What is the difference between a database that was initially configured as a data dictionary table space vs.... local database, we are seeing installation errors when attempting to install to a 'data dictionary's table space. It was my understanding in the differences was performance not structure.
The ISSUE we are seeing as as follows:

The database was initially configured as a data dictionary tablespace with 100MB of space available. The initialization of the database during the installation of the base integration server failed by running out of space when trying to create the extent of table 75. The database administrator checked the database after the failure and determined that the database had been filled up to 99MB and the attempt to create the next table after reaching the 99MB point is what caused the failure.

The database administrator then increased the size of the tablespace to 300MB and the db_setup.sh script was executed manually with the NOPROMPT parameter on the command line. The initialization of the database failed again. This time the database filled to 299MB before failing on the creation of an extent for a table.

The database administrator then changed the table space from a data dictionary tablespace to a local tablespace with 300MB of space available. The db_setup.sh was executed manually again with the NOPROMPT parameter on the command line. This time the database was successfully initialized.
According to the database administrator , the only difference between the two type of table spaces is in performance not structure?
The database flavor in use is ORACLE. The database does not reside on a different host system from the one that Sterling Integrator was installed upon. In the installation guide for Sterling Integrator, there is no mention in the section on setting up an ORACLE database for Sterling Integrator on the type of tablespace that should be created. Is this something we should be concerned about for future installations of Sterling Integrator?

Is this something that has already been explored in regard to Sterling Integrator or is examination in the development lab needed to try to determine the cause of the issue?
Alison Drouillard
Sterling Integrator (ext.7868)
L:2 Technical Support Specialist


This questions has to do with how the oracle DB is set up to handle extent managment. I would suggest you refer them (and yourselves) to this article:

It explains very well how extents work in oracle.

As for SI being created in a DB (that has been created as a data dictionary table space) what I can say is that, based on how our DBs and tablespaces here in house are configured, we have only used the 'Locally Managed' extent scheme. Currently there is a problem in creating a data dictionary table space if the Data Base 'System' tables are created as Local. Basically the whole DB must be created as a data dictionary style before you can create data dictionary tablespaces. I'm not sure about the converse, but based on Allisons' very detailed explanation I will assume that you CAN create locally managed tablespaces on a DB that was originally configured as a data dictionary style DB.

What I think may be happening with our db_setup.sh failing in the data dictionary creation probably pertains to the "Dictionary-Managed Tablespaces"
section of the above oracle article. They proabably have configured their extent sizes too small (in their data dictionary tablespace) and we cannot find a large enough contigus block of data to write data to. How large do we need to specify you ask? That I do not know. What I do know is that data dictionary tablespace configuration is an art and can be used to fine tune oracle DB's for a specific purpose. One of the main reasons for 8i to introduce locally managed extents is because of the complexity of dictionary extent configuration. Most DBA's love the locally managed scheme because it is easier to configure and it has been known to be fast. (oracle manages all data in the tablespace)

To conclude, unless we want to get into DB configs in documentation for the scenario of dictionary managed tables, we whould probably specify locally managed extent tablespaces to be used with SI.

Any input Vince/Wade?


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