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DBA Studio , Enterprise Manager

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DBA Studio ,<-> Enterprise Manager

ORACLE DBA Studio 和ENTERPRISE MANAGER似乎都可以用来管理数据库,哪他们有什么不同?

My answer is:

Oracle enterprise manger (OEM) include several parts: Enterprise Manager, addtional managment tools and collect serverices.

DBASTUDIO belongs to Enterprise manager, is one part of DBA managment tools.

when Oracle was version 8, there are six tools in dba management tools: data manager, backup manager, instance manager, schema manager, security manager and storage manager. They are all independ and they also can be used with OEM console.

Start from Oracle8i, Oracle seperate oem from database server.

and Oracle8i combined part of those six tools' feature together, named it DBASTUIDO.

You still can find those six tools if you choose custom install OEM.

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