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How to recover a SQL Server Database

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your message box is full again.


use master database:

1. use:

exec sp_db_detach 'database name', 'true'

2. copy datafiles and log file to dist. drive

3. use

EXEC sp_attach_db @dbname = N'database name',
@filename1 = N'new path.mdf',
@filename2 = N'new path.ldf'

send me a message, if you have problems.

作者:chao_ping    时间:01-10-24 02:44

and if i have reinstalled the sql server,
and the new installed master database does not contain the information about my another database, and i only have the old datafiles and logfiles,
how to add this database into the sqlserver?

Your method just moves datafile allocation, and what i want to do is:
after a clean installation, let the new sqlserver mount the old databasees.

just like in oracle, i removes oracle software, reinstall it,
and use oracle to mount the old database.

作者:snowhite2000    时间:01-10-24 02:47

use step 3 only, use master databasde.

作者:chao_ping    时间:01-10-24 03:08

Seems faily easy,
Made it.
Thanks so much.
In fact such easy a job, i donot know it, faint.
Thanks again.

作者:chao_ping    时间:01-10-24 03:08

I really go to sleep now ,bye!
Now 3:09 am now,

作者:snowhite2000    时间:01-10-24 03:10

have a nice dream!

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I saw a message from you that asked me to check mailbox. I tried, but I can not login to it. Maybe I typed wrong username and password. Sorry about it. I guess it's about sql server, it looks that you solved the problem.

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