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This is my first blog article

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?? ?This is my first blog article.I am very glad to do it.I will form the habit of writing daily blog.

??? I will focus on two themes in the coming two months: UML(universal modeling language)? and OS.?My favorite uml tools are Rational rose and PD. I wanna make a deep study of it. i think that it will do much good to the development of software,especially to the high quality and the short developing period of software.

? ?I will learn the design principle of OS.Many excellent thought and method used in os designing .the focus of studying a os is not os but the thought of designing os.i will do much good to your modeling and other aspects.linux is a good example of os,for it is open source.it is many essence of the programmer all over the world.i think we can learn much from it.

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