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获得Sql 数据表的详细信息

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 表名=case when a.colorder=1 then d.name else '' end,
 表说明=case when a.colorder=1 then isnull(f.value,'') else '' end,
 标识=case when COLUMNPROPERTY( a.id,a.name,'IsIdentity')=1 then '√'else '' end,
 主键=case when exists(SELECT 1 FROM sysobjects where xtype='PK' and name in (
  SELECT name FROM sysindexes WHERE indid in(
   SELECT indid FROM sysindexkeys WHERE id = a.id AND colid=a.colid
  ))) then '√' else '' end,
 允许空=case when a.isnullable=1 then '√'else '' end,
FROM syscolumns a
 left join systypes b on a.xtype=b.xusertype
 inner join sysobjects d on a.id=d.id  and d.xtype='U' and d.status>=0
 left join syscomments e on a.cdefault=e.id
 left join sysproperties g on a.id=g.id and a.colid=g.smallid 
 left join sysproperties f on d.id=f.id and f.smallid=0
 left join(--这部分是索引信息,如果要显示索引与表及字段的对应关系,可以只要此部分
  select 索引名称=a.name,c.id,d.colid
   ,排序=case indexkey_property(c.id,b.indid,b.keyno,'isdescending')
    when 1 then '降序' when 0 then '升序' end
  from sysindexes a
   join sysindexkeys b on a.id=b.id and a.indid=b.indid
   join (--这里的作用是有多个索引时,取索引号最小的那个
    select id,colid,indid=min(indid) from sysindexkeys
    group by id,colid) b1 on b.id=b1.id and b.colid=b1.colid and b.indid=b1.indid
   join sysobjects c on b.id=c.id and c.xtype='U' and c.status>=0
   join syscolumns d on b.id=d.id and b.colid=d.colid
  where a.indid not in(0,255)
 ) h on a.id=h.id and a.colid=h.colid
--where d.name='要查询的表'    --如果只查询指定表,加上此条件
order by a.id,a.colorder
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