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This object is only used in the message dbx files.

The message is separated in several objects which are organized in a single linked list. The pointer to the first one can be retrieved from the corresponding message info object. To get the whole message text you have to walk along the links and put the text segments together.

The header
position type description
(1) int4 object marker
(2) int4 length of the body
(3) int4 length of the text segment in the body
(4) int4 pointer to the next message object
The body
position type description
(5) text the length of this text segment is stored in(3)
(6)   free space if (3) is smaller then (2)

All message objects have a size of 0x210 bytes. 0x10 bytes for the header and 0x200 bytes for the text segment. Even if the text is shorter the whole space is reserved, but (3) provides the real length.

OE stores the message text with 0x0d 0x0a at the end of each line and no terminating 0x00.

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