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2)前后台翻译, 这个功能非常好,由于国外的模板都是英文的,也不一定有汉化包,这个功能可以帮助用户自己汉化


There are at least three ways to backup your MySQL Database :

  1. Use phpMyAdmin to do the backup.
  2. Execute a database backup query from PHP file.
  3. Run mysqldump using system() function.

Database Backup with PHPMyAdmin

These instructions are written for PHPMyAdmin, a very common MySQL database management tool included with most hosting services using PHP and MySQL. Your database management tool may differ, but the steps should be very similar.

For instructions on how to back up a database with other PHP admin tools, please see

  • After logging in, select your database, then click the Export tab.


  1. In the Export section, confirm that all tables are selected, then select the SQL radio button.
  2. In the SQL options, select:
    • Structure
      • Add AUTO_INCREMENT value
      • Enclose table and file names with backquotes
    • Data
      • Complete inserts
      • Extended inserts
      • Export type : INSERT
  3. Mark the Save as file checkbox.
  4. Choose a compression file type.
  5. Click Go.
  6. Download the compressed file to your hard drive.

After downloading the file, please verify it before modifying the original database.

To do this:

  1. On your hosting server, create a new database on your hosting server, if allowed. (If you are only allotted one database per account, create a new database locally (on your computer) by using WAMP for Windows, MAMP for Mac, or LAMP) for Linux.)
  2. Select the newly created database.
    • Please note: PHPMyAdmin cannot import files larger than 2 MB. If your compressed database backup exceeds 2 MB, to restore the database, use your compression file archiver program (we recommend the free 7-Zip) to unzip the backup SQL database. Then you can split it into chunks of 2 MB using a text-splitter program. When restoring the database via PHPMyAdmin, simply import it piece by piece.
  3. Click the Import tab.
  4. Browse and select your backup database copy.
  5. Select the UTF8 character set.
  6. Select SQL as import format.
  7. Click Go. The import process is complete.
  8. In the PrestaShop Back Office > Tools > Database Configuration, change the database name to the new one.

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