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Bill Clinton出自传了

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刚刚发现Amazon最新的Top 100 Bestsellers上,位居榜首的是Bill Clinton的名为“My Life”的自传,不指望看到中译本,看看Customer Review就让人觉得心生厌恶,不过到还是有点同情Bill的:


How's that again?, June 29, 2004

STRING Reviewer: Michael J Edelman (see more about me) from Huntington Woods, MI USA
Bill Clinton is certainly not the world's best writer, but he does have a story to tell and one would imagine the biogrpahy of any American president would be worth reading. Problem is, this isn't much or a biography. There's nothing at all in here that we haven't heard already- the log cabin childhood, the years of sacrifice, how everyone conspired against him.

The first half of the book is devoted to retelling the childhood myth, and the second is a defense of his actions as governor and as president. We learn, for example, that he comitted adultry because it was easy to do so, and that he really shouldn't hgave done it. That's it. No regrets, no atonment, no apologies.

The book purports to be a true and honest telling of the facts of his life- note the Monica confession. But there's more than a little that's questionable on its face. For instance, Bill tells us that Hillary was named after the great mountaineer SIr Edmund Hillary, the first man to summit Mount Everest, in order to inspire her on to greatness. Problem is, Hillary Rodham was born a good six years before Sir Edmund climed Everest; eitehr her parents thought naming her after an obscure New Zealand beekeper would inspire her on to greatness, or else lying comes so easily to Bill Clinton that he just can't help it, even when telling such as obviously transparent lie.

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