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Diaspar : "Framework or platform?"

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What is a framework? According to my encyclopedic dictionary, it is "a basic structure that supports and gives shape". I emphasize the word basic in this definition, even as it applies to software. A software framework is a basic structure that abstracts away repetitive tasks (supports) and provides extension points for additional features (gives shape). JUnit does this extremely well, so why the complaining? I think the public asks for a framework, but really wants a platform.


what is a platform? Again, my encyclopedic dictionary: "a raised structure on which a performer stands". A software platform is a suite of tools that aims to cover a broad spectrum of features needed for a given task. IBM's WebSphere Commerce is not an e-commerce framework; it is an e-commerce platform. It tries to give you everything you need to start running an e-commerce site today, along with enough extension points to let you customize your work. It is definitely not a basic structure that supports and gives shape. It is a Swiss Army knife.

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