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爱 love; affection,like; be fond of; be keen on,cherish; hold dear; take good care of; treasure,be apt to; be in    the habit of
  ● 母爱 maternal love; mother love; a mother's love for her children; maternal affection
  ● 父爱 paternal love
  ● 父母的爱 parental love
  ● 父母子女间的爱 love between parent and child

  ● 子女对长辈的爱 filial love
  ● 互爱 reciprocal affection
  ● 慈爱 the benevolent affections
  ● 疼爱 the tender love
  ● 夫妻之爱 conjugal love

  ● 深深[永恒,真挚,贞洁,坚定不移]的爱 ardent [everlasting, sincere, chaste, steadfast] love
  ● 狂热的爱 fanatic love; wild love
  ● 强烈的爱 a keen affection
  ● 爱如己出 cherish a child as one's own
  ● 爱恨交织 be overwhelmed by mixed lovehate feelings

  ● 爱憎分明 have a clearcut stand on what to love and what to hate
  ● 爱莫能助 be sympathetic but have no ability to help; be willing to, but powerless to render assistance
  ● 爱校如家 love the school as dearly as one does one's own home
  ● 永远相爱 love each other with an undying affection
  ● 疼爱某人 dearly love sb.; set one's affection on sb.

  ● 终生钟爱妻子 retain a tender affection for one's wife to the end of one's life
  ● 真诚[温柔,疯狂,盲目]地爱 love sincerely [tenderly, wildly, blindly]
  ● 专一[忠诚]地爱某人 love sb. devotedly [loyally]
  ● 至死不渝地爱某人 love sb. to the day of one's death
  ● 炽热地爱…… have a burning love for...

  ● 爱上某人 fall in love with sb.; grow tender of sb.
  ● 爱子女 feel affection to one's children; have an affection for one's children
  ● 表示对某人的爱 show love to sb.
  ● 公开表示对某人的爱 declare one's love to sb.
  ● 渴望得到某人的爱 desire the love of sb.

  ● 需要母爱 need a mother care
  ● 怀疑某人对……的爱 doubt sb.'s love for...
  ● 博得某人的爱 earn sb.'s love; win sb.'s love
  ● 保持对某人的爱 keep one's affection of sb.; retain one's love for sb.
  ● 激起对……的爱 inspire a love for...

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