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Visual web developer 2005

发表于2004/9/15 10:00:00  506人阅读

I installed the visual web developer 2005 express edition beta in company today,
one month ago I have done it at home and surprised that it can run with VS.2003
in one system without infection. So I can study asp.net 2.0 and work using VS.2003
in one system in company,I am on the way to convert a system to asp.net 2.0.
There are many new features in visual web developer 2005 express edition below is the top 10 cool things
1.Integrated,fully-functional Starter Kits out of the box
2.IntelliSense everywhere
3.100 percent source code preservation
4.Rich,integrated debugger for web applications
5.Support for FTP and file system-based projects and deployment
6.Build and test applications locally using the built-in Web server,without needing IIS
7.Improved design surface and table designer for an enhanced WYSIWY design experience
8.Easily integrate data without any code using code-free databinding
9.Built-in Copy web publishing tool to easily manage deployment
10.New smart tags provide easy access to common control features
11.Improved compilation model allows save/refresh style page development
12.Design-time support for ASP.NET 2.0 Master pages and Themes.

I get lots of helps at quickstart about asp.net 2.0
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