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Happy birthday to my mother

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Today is my mother's birthday, I called mother for her birthday.
I haven't go back home for more than one year,may be I am an unfilial son.
My hometown is a very small county seat, for the youth there like me
the only way to get ahead is to study hard and go to university in big cities.
Through hard work, fortunately I made it.
It is always unfair between big city and samll town.

In order to stand on my own foot in a big city or abroad, it pushes me to
work long hours and take short vatcations. If I cann't go to study abroad,
I think I will stay in Japan for a long time, then I will let my parents here live with me.
In big city in China or in Japan is same to me, both are apart from hometown.
I am not sure whether my parents will get used to the new place away from hometown.

Ambition is in mind,leading a vagrant life.

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