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Japanese business glossary -- Kangei-kai and Sobetsu-kai

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I want to introduce some Japanese business glossary here.
The frequent holding of kangei-kai(welcoming party) by businessmen as well
as by people in other walks of life, is one of the ways in which the Japanese
exhibit there "groupism"
When new recruits join a company, a kangei-kai is held to welcome them.
When a person is assigned to a new department, he is welcomed with a
kangei-kai. When a staff member returns from an overseas assignment, he also
is given a kangei-kai. Sake flows at the kangei-kai and the atmosphere is relaxed.
The kangei-kai plays a very important role in Japanese society because it helps
strengthen the newcomer's(or returner's) feeling of belonging, enhances group
spirit, promotes solidarity, and develops a sense of identity.
The opposite of the welcoming party is the sobetsu-kai(farewell or send-off party)
which usually turns out to be rather emotional. When a newcomer comes to take
the place of a departing member, it is customary to combine the two parties into
a single kansogei-kai.
I have joined lots of the two parties,sometimes funny and embarrassing.
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