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Pause internet

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Yesterday evening the internet of the building I am living was suddenly
out of order and I couldn't write my blog.
Fortunately it is ok now(10 o'clock am in Japan).

I read a news about university in China, It said that a couple kissed in
a classroom of the university, of course they are the students of the university,
then their behavior was recorded by the monitor which the university setted.
Inconceivably, they were decapitated by the university, surprised to me.
Anather news to me is also a miracle, in a elementary school, all the
girls are forbidden to have a long hair style, the school give a explanation
for this, the girls having that style cann't study well. Oh, kill me, what a
fetishistic school.

I think the two news is only the epitome about the education of China in some way.

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