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My friend's father got a throat cancer, worst news, I am very
sorry to hear that, it will spend almost 100 thousands RMB to be cured,  
the friend like me come from a  small town, not a rich family and parents
have no health insurance, universal phenomenons in China.
Fortunately the friend is working in Japan now, the money is not a
big problem also not a samll one because he has bought a apartment
with hire-purchase in China.

In another point of view, there are more than 7 hundreds million person
in cuntry of  China, I am afraid the old person's amount will at least reach at 
1 hundreds million. They have no heath insurance and most of them are not
rich e'en poor. What can they do if they fall ill ........

You should can have anything expect disease, it is a truth in now realistic society.
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