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ATL Internals: Working with ATL 8 (2nd Edition)

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Four leading Windows programming experts systematically reveal ATLs inner workings, explaining not just how ATL works, but why it works the way it does. Client-side developers will master ATLs resources for windowing, COM control, MFC integration, web service proxy generation, and more. Server-side programmers will discover ATLs full COM server and object services, and its extensive support for high-throughput, high-concurrency web applications, and services. Every Windows developer will learn powerful ways to increase flexibility, reduce overhead, and maximize transparency and control.

*Discover ATLs internals through diagrams, example code, and internal ATL implementation code
*Walk through wizards that simplify ATL usage in common applications
*Master string handling in C++, COM, and ATL
*Leverage ATL smart types, including CComPtr, CComQIPtr, CComBSTR, and CComVariant
*Understand and choose the right options for implementing IUnknown
*Create glue code that exposes COM objects from COM servers
*Use canned interface implementations to support object persistence, COM
*collections, enumerators, and connection points
*Build standalone applications and UI components with ATL window classes and controls
*Use ATL Server to develop web applications that run on Microsoft IIS

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