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电话诉衷肠 - 斯蒂温 旺德

演唱:斯蒂温·旺德编词:prof .范
no new year's day, to celebrate;
no choc'late covered candy hearts to give a way.
no first of spring; no song to sing.
in fact here's just another ordinary day.
no april rain; no flowers bloom;
no wedding saturday within the month of june.
but what it is, is something true,
made up of these three words that i must say to you.
no summer's high; no warm july,
no harvest moon to light one tender august night.
no autumn breeze; no falling leave,
no even time for birds to fly to southern skies.
no libra sun, no halloween;
no giving thanks to all the christmas joy you bring.
but what it is, though old so new,
to fill your heart like no three worlds could ever do.
i just called to say i love you.
i just called to say how much i care.
i just called to say i love you,
and i mean it from the bottom of my heart.
of my heart of my heart

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