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GR8 Great
GRRRR "Growling"
GSOAS Go Sit On A Snake
GTG Got To Go
GTGB Got To Go, Bye
GTGP Got To Go Pee
GTH Go To Hell
GTSY Glad To See Ya
GYPO Get Your Pants Off
HAGO Have A Good One
HAK Hugs And Kisses
HB Hurry Back
HD Hold
HHO1/2K Ha Ha, Only Half Kidding
HHOK Ha Ha, Only Kidding
HIOOC Help! I'm Out of Coffee
HTH Hope This (That) Helps
HUA Heads Up Ace
HUYA Head Up Your A**
IAC In Any Case
IAE In Any Event
IANAC I Am Not A Crook
IANAL I Am Not A Lawyer
IBT In Between Technology
IBTD I Beg To Differ
IC In Character
IDGAF I Don't Give A F***
IDGI I Don't Get It
IDK I Don't Know
IDKY I Don't Know You
IDST I Didn't Say That
IDTS I Don't Think So
IFAB I Found A Bug
IFU I F***ed Up
IGGP I Gotta Go Pee
IIIO Intel Inside, Idiot Outside
IIMAD If It Makes An(y) Difference
IIRC If I Remember Correctly
IIWM If It Were Me
ILICISCOMK I Laughed, I Cried, I Spat/Spilt Coffee/Crumbs/Coke On My Keyboard
ILY I Love You
IMHO In My Humble Opinion
IMNSHO In My Not So Humble Opinion
IMO In My Opinion
INMP It's Not My Problem
INPO In No Particular Order
IOH I'm Outta Here
IOW In Other Words
IRL In Real Life
ISS I Said So
ITM In The Money
IYKWIM If You Know What I Mean
IYSS If You Say So
J/C Just Checking
J/K Just Kidding!
J/W Just Wondering
JAFO Just Another F***ing Onlooker
KFY Kiss For You
KISS Keep It Simple Stupid
KIT Keep In Touch
KMA Kiss My Ass
KWIM Know What I Mean
KYPO Keep Your Pants On
L8R Later
LD Long Distance
LDTTWA Let's Do The Time Warp Again
LLTA Lots And Lots Of Thunderous Applause
LMAO Laughing My Ass Off
LMK Let Me Know
LOL Laughing Out Loud -or- Lots of Luck (or Love)
LTIC Laughing 'Til I Cry
LTNS Long Time No See
LYL Love Ya Lots
LYLAS Love You Like A Sister
MHOTY My Hat's Off To You
MM Market Maker
MorF Male or Female?
MOTD Message Of The Day
MOTSS Members Of The Same Sex
MTFBWY May The Force Be With You
MWBRL More Will Be Revealed Later
MYOB Mind Your Own Business
NAK Nursing At Keyboard
NAZ Name, Address, Zip (also means Nasdaq)
NBD No Big Deal
NBIF No Basis In Fact
NFI No F***ing Idea
NFW No F***ing Way
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