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Losing Weight 减肥

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 Losing Weight 减肥 

Dialogue Script 对话原文

Anne: My sister Ellie, who recently lost 20 pounds, has been pressuring me to lose weight too.
Joe: It's a good thing for her to fulfill that, isn't it?
Anne: Good?! Yes, it's good for her but not good for me. You see, she tells me that I'll feel better about myself if I slim down and keeps giving me newspaper clippings about the latest miracle diet or exercise plan and insists that I join a health club, as she has.
Joe: So you mean you don't think you are fat and need to lose weight?
Anne: I simply can't bear it that Ellie made me feel like a child who was pigging out on junk food.
Joe: Come on, there must be something wrong.
Anne: Yes, the other night when I asked for a second helping of the low-fat casserole she served for dinner she totally went off on me. "That's why you have a weight problem." she chided, "You never know when you've already had enough!" I felt so humiliated by this and left right after dinner and haven't spoken to her since.
Joe: Yes, I understand. You are happy the way you are. But you can't stop talking to your sister for good, can you?
Anne: No, I can't. But I'm not going to put up with this nagging. I know if she doesn't let up soon, I'm going to blow up at her. How do I handle this without ruining our relationship?
Joe: Tell her that you already feel good about yourself...


1. 这段对话中Anne在向Joe抱怨她妹妹强迫她减肥的事。lose weight,减肥,那减掉了多少重量,就是lose直接加上重量就可以了。

2. Anne的妹妹对她说,如果能瘦下来会让自己感觉好得多。feel good about oneself,自我感觉不错,slim down 就是瘦下来,slim是苗条的意思,在加上一个down,让人有体重掉下来的感觉,很形象。

3. newspaper clippings,剪下来的报花。Anne的妹妹一直给她看报纸上的一些介绍最新减肥计划和减肥食品的内容,latest miracle diet,最新的神奇减肥食谱,这里latest相当于newest,最近的,最新的。diet是指人或动物的日常的饮食,但是diet还表示节食,例如:She's on diet. 她在节食。He began his diet a week ago.他在一星期前开始节食。

4. diet food,减肥食品, diet pill ,减肥药。Ellie还劝 Anne报名参加健身俱乐部,a health club,其实有点像我们的减肥中心。但是Anne却对所有这一切感到反感。为什么呢?因为她的妹妹让她感觉自己像一个乱吃垃圾食品的小孩子。pig out on something 狼吞虎咽地吃东西,这里pig 这个词成了动词。junk food 垃圾食品,像油炸食品等,有很高的热量但是却没有营养,最容易导致肥胖。

5. 对话中一天晚上Anne到他妹妹家吃饭,Ellie就因为她的饮食习惯大发脾气。当Anne还想再要一份砂锅炖菜的时候,Ellie 就开始发火,go off on someone,跟某人发脾气。她说That's why you have a weight problem. You never know when you've already had enough. 这就是为什么你有体重问题的原因,你从来不知道适可而止。

6. 这让Anne感觉到很受侮辱,feel humiliated,感到羞辱。Joe 对Anne的反应表示理解,You are happy the way you are. 你对自己的现在感到满意。for good 是forever的意思,也就是Anne不能就因为这件事情就永远不跟她妹妹说话了呀。

7. 但是Anne并不想忍受她妹妹的唠叨,can't put up with this nagging,put up with someone/something,容忍某人某物。nag,就是“唠叨“的意思,常和at连用,例如: Stop nagging at me。别唠叨了。

8. let up 在口语当中是“闭嘴”的意思,相当于“shut up”,blow up at someone, 冲某人大发脾气,跟上面的go off on someone 一样。如果Ellie再不停止唠叨的话,Anne也要发火了。

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