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Diet Craze 疯狂节食

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Diet Craze 疯狂节食 

Dialogue Script 1 对话原文 1

Den: Hi, Anne, what's up?
Anne: I look awful in a swimsuit. I am thinking of getting my clothes at "Big and Beautiful".
Den: Well, you're pleasantly plump, but you aren't obese.
Anne: By the way, how was your drink with Stan?
Den: OK, he thinks I'm getting fat.
Anne: To be honest, you're a little pudgier.
Den: That's it. I have to take off some weight!
Anne: Well, before that, I made your favorite dinner.
Den: Why is there only one plate setting?
Anne: I'm only having juice for dinner.
Den: There you go with your crazy diet. How are you going to get enough vitamins and minerals?
Anne: I have my multivitamin and mineral supplements.
Den: At least have some green beans.
Anne: There's butter in them. There are at least 5 grams of fat in each serving.
Den: How about half of this steak?
Anne: They say you are what you eat. And I don't wanna look like a cow. But you go ahead.
Den: How about this salad? What could an innocent salad do to you?
Anne: Think about the calories in the dressing!
Den: Is the ice cream dessert out of the question?
Anne: If I were to eat it, there wouldn't be enough for you. You go ahead.
Den: Well, you have your low-calorie apple juice.
Anne: Actually, carrot juice would be better. It's even lower in calories.
Den: Well, then, better yet, why don't just have water?
Anne: Good idea. But I was actually thinking of going on a two-day starvation diet.


1. 这段对话中Anne觉的自己很胖,决定用节食的办法来减肥。I look awful in a swimsuit. 我穿泳衣太难看了。look awful 看起来很糟糕,例如:You look awful today. 你今天看起来很憔悴。

2. Big and Beautiful 就是指专卖大号衣服的那种店。Den安慰她说,you're pleasantly plump, but you aren't obese. 你很丰满,但你不算非常胖的那种。plump 是一个褒义词,所以如果下一次你看见一位胖胖的女士,就要说她plump,而不要说fat, 因为fat让人听了不舒服。obese 极度肥胖的。同样,说人家很瘦的时候呢,也最好不要用thin,可以用slim,苗条的,lean瘦而结实的。

3. Anne 觉得Den好像也胖了一点,她说的是you're a little pudgier。pudgy是矮胖的意思。Den为自己的体重发愁,That's it. I have to take off some weight! 我受够了,我要减肥。That's it.这句话可以用在两种情况下,一个是表示不耐烦,不愿意再继续下去的时候,例如: That's it! You're late again! 我受够了!你又迟到了!另一个就是表示“到此为止”、“所有的都在这了”。例如:That's it. All my boxes are here. 好了,我所有的箱子都在这了。

4. take off some weight 减肥,相当于lose some weight。正当Den决定减肥,Anne又为他做了一顿丰盛的晚餐。但是Anne却不想吃,所以只摆了一副餐具,there is only one plate setting, plate setting 是一副餐具的意思。那饭前摆放餐具这个动作就是set the table for dinner.

5. Anne晚餐只喝果汁。果汁是“juice”,比较浓稠。Den问道,How are you going to get enough vitamins and minerals? 你怎么摄入足够的维他命和矿物质呢?vitamins and minerals维他命和矿物质,是人体必需的。Anne自有办法,那就是吃multivitamin and mineral supplements,多维片和矿物质补充剂。

6. Den劝Anne吃些四季豆和牛排,但是Anne怕里面的脂肪太多,她的理由是you are what you eat,吃什么补什么,如果吃了牛排,就会长的像牛一样了,这个理由真是荒谬,不过节食的人都会找各种理由来拒绝食物的。下面Anne又说了一大堆这个东西不能吃,那个东西不能吃,连沙拉也不行。Den不明白,What could an innocent salad do to you? 这些无辜的沙拉又能把你怎样呢?这是一种幽默的说法。

7. Anne辩解到,Think about the calories in the dressing! 想想沙拉酱的热量吧。Calorie就是我们平常说的卡路里,是热量单位的一种。等于食物中所含的被人体氧化后而释放的热量。例如:One can eat only 1500 calories a day on this diet. 按这个节食法,我们每天只能吃一千五百卡路里。

8. 那冰淇淋甜品就更不行了,The ice cream dessert is out of the question. out of the question 不可能,例如:Marrying Jack is out of the question. 跟Jack结婚是绝 对不可能的。还有一个跟它非常相近的词组,out of question 毫无疑问,没有问题。Money is out of question. 钱没有问题,尽管用好了。大家一定要区分开。

9. 开始Den还以为Anne喝的是苹果汁,但是Anne喝的是胡萝卜汁,因为carrot juice is even lower in calories. 胡萝卜汁的卡路里更低。这里的“in”就表示某物中含有的某种东西,比如:Orange is high in Vitamin C. 橙子维他命C含量高。Den开玩笑说那还不如喝水呢,结果Anne还当真了,竟然说要来个两日断食法,go on a two-day starvation diet . starvation挨饿,动词形式是starve,例如:I'm starving.我很饿。

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