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Managing Construction

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Encouraging good coding
Since code is the primary output of construction, a key question in managing construction is "how do you encourage good coding practices?"

Techniques for a achieving good coding proctices.
1. Assign two people to every part of the project.
2. Review every line of code.
3. Require code sing-offs.
4. Route good code examples for review.
5. Emphasize that code listing are public assets.
6. Reward good code.
7. One esy stanard.

What is configuration Management?
Configuration management is the practice of identifying project artifacts and handling changes systematically so that a system can maintain its integrity over time.

Requirement and design chanages.
1. Follow a systematic change-conrol procedure.
2. Hand change requests in groups.
3. Estimate the cost of each change.
4. Be wary of high change volumes.
5. Establish a change-control board or its equivalent in a way that makes sense for your project.
6. Watch for bureaucracy, but don't let the fear of bureaucracy preclude effective change control.
The more detailed information about configuration management, I may refer to the "Software Configuration Management Strategies and Rational ClearCase"

Estimating a construction schedule.
1. Establish objectives.
2. Allow time for the estimate, and plan it.
3. Spell out software requirements.
4. Estimate at a low level of detail.
5. Use several different estimation techniques, and compare the results.
6. Re-estimate periodically.

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