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What do I Need to Get Started?

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What do I Need to Get Started?

Choosing An Internet EDI Solution
There is a large range of Internet EDI solutions from which you can choose today. Here are some key requirements to consider when evaluating a solution for exchanging purchase orders, invoices and other business documents with your trading partners:

- Low total cost of ownership: Does the solution have an integrated database or does it require additional products/investments such as SQL Server or Oracle?
- Flexible connectivity: Does it support all data types (EDI, XML, ebXML, TXT, GISB EDM, HL7, etc.) and transport methods (HTTP, FTP, E-mail, SMTP, etc.)?
- Secure communication: Does it securely transport your business data with AS1, AS2, secure HTTP/FTP, digital certificates, built-in data tracking, reporting and data retention?
  • Does it offer security and non-repudiation via digital certificates?
  • Does it use SSL to secure the transport pipe?
    - Easy installation and setup: Does the installer automatically install all required components, and automatically create directories for inbound and outbound documents? Does it include user-friendly wizards, which take you step-by-step through adding a trading partner and AS1/AS2 setup?
    - Interoperability: Does it support industry standards (AS1, AS2, FTP, etc.), enabling you to easily connect to multiple trading partners and quickly reduce VAN costs? (Diagram shown below)

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