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Climbing the Big Nan Hill

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,  Sunday, a  weekend .

Xiaopeng and his neighbour -a high and white girl and I had nothing to do, so I said to wangxiaopeng, let we to climb the Nan Hill,OK?  "ok", he answered.

        At 10 am we began to climb, On the road , we was chatting , walking , It was very nice, after one hour we reached the hilltop, we all tired and sweat. On the hill , we  saw the sea of Shenzhen. Because the weather was gray that day, we could not see the hill of Hong Kong But the Scene was still very beautiful. Then we descend the hill, when we were at the foot of the hill, we suddenly saw a lot of foreigners running from our back! And the first was a woman ! We thought those guys  were so strong!.

        At 1:30 pm we went to the restaurant. we  ate  fish in   the Ba-Shu-Feng - A Si-Chuan restaurant, and drunk the beer. The life was so beautiful.


Climbing the hill was a good sport, it was  of great  benefit to our health ,and chating , climbing with your friends and have a breath of fresh air, all of that can let me feel very good, I enjoy it.

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