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Saw Wxp’s girl off

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 Saw  Wxp’s girl off

         Wxp told me that her neighbor would go back Sian by train at 16:17 afternoon In the  morning But his neighbor is a high and white girl. And only one girl would take the train. It is not safe., and he have no time, he must do overtime. So he let me to see her neighbor off.

        I achieve her home at 12:30 after lunch., then I and her neighbor take a text to the bus station. But we get early. Each of us eat one cushaw cake. It is very sweet. We take the bus at 13:00 to GuangZhou.  We reach GuangZhou at 15:10. the we go to the railway station.   About 15:30 I buy a platform ticket use 1 yuan. Then we began to come in the station to wait the rail. At 1602 I help her to found her seat number then put the baggage under her seat.

        About 19:00 I took the bus and reach Shenzhen. Then go to Dong Bei restaurant to eat dinner. The 20:00 I go at home and swab down. And told wxp , I have success to finish the task by party! Then he told me The Party Thank you!

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