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2004 Sitepoint community awards

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奖项的分类很多,只能在一个类别中投一次票,投票方式采用PM(private message私人消息)方式发送给社区的几个“老大”
除了评出某个技术的专家奖外, Sitepoint还搞出了一些比较有意思的奖, 或许CSDN也可以参考一下

 Funniest Member of the Year: Humor and release is an important part of any community, The class Clown Award should be based on who you see as being the funniest member at SitePoint


Funniest Thread of the Year: Your Mission is to go in search of the funniest, most ridiculous or just plain bizarre thread. Please provide a link to the thread when you nominate for this category.

本年度最搞笑主题贴,当然还有 Best Thread (最好的主题贴)

Most Improved Award: Some of us have stumbled upon SitePoint at the early stages of learning and have become knowledgeable and talented. This award is for the person who has improved both their knowledge and their manner in which they conduct themselves.


 Community Spirit Award: This award goes to the member who consistently posts interesting, thought-provoking, and insightful threads and/or comments. This member should exemplify the spirit of the SitePoint Community Forums. This award is open to anybody regardless of technical ability levels.


最后,社区里总会有一些鹤立鸡群的人,这些人非常有个性和张扬,或许留给你一个非常深刻和美好的印象,我们该给它评个什么奖好呢? Personality of the year 看来是最合适不过了
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